We Must Prevail

‘We Must Prevail’
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Directors Alexander Thomas and Nikki Carmela are quoted with the following statement via New Noise Magazine :

“The right to choose is a human rights issue at its core. We stand vehemently against oppression in all forms and appreciate the opportunity to voice our dissent using art. When we first conceptualized this video, we based it on a series of photographs we had created when Roe was initially repealed depicting Lady Liberty, bloodied from a coat hanger abortion to represent the current tidal shift of our society.

The images, although disturbing, represent the reality that with abortion bans healthcare has been pushed back decades. Combined with images of the Supreme Court house cracking (a blatant metaphor for the disintegration of the ‘highest law in the land’ who’s building is emboldened with the phrase ‘Equal Justice Under Law’) and the electric music of The Venomous Pinks, this video is a protest to abortion bans and the assault of women’s rights.”


Behind The Camera

The day of the shoot was one of frenzy! We had a very small amount of time to get the shots and the studio wasn’t 100% what we were expecting. We still managed to move at light speed and capture multiple takes before and after the rain fell. Even with small difficulties, because we had planned and scheduled appropriately things moved fairly smoothly.

Post production was a smooth process. Once color grading was completed, the video was cut, and some minor effects added. The rain was a combination of practical and visual effects aided by Trapcode Particular. The video was shot with DZOFILM Vespid Lenses.

"We Must Prevail"
The Venomous Pinks / SBAM Records
Eternals: Alexander Thomas Nikki Carmela
Daniel Barrios
Los Angeles, CA
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