A Shared Passion For Excellence
Eternal Film Productions is more than just a company – it's a testament to the boundless power of love and creativity. Alexander Thomas and Nikki Carmela invite you to join them on a journey that transcends genres, blurs boundaries, and unlocks the true essence of storytelling. Through their shared passion and unbreakable bond, they're rewriting the rules of both art and love, one frame at a time.
Working with Alex and Nikki was a dream. They each brought passion, skill, and presence that elevated my vision. And they’re super fun to work with, too. I know anytime I get to create with them in the future will be a special experience.
Kai Brown Director
Alexander Thomas: A Lens to the Soul
Meet Alexander Thomas, a visionary artist whose lens captures moments in a way that's both profound and poetic. With a background steeped in photography and cinematography, Alexander's creative eye breathes life into visuals that leave a lasting impact. His ability to find beauty in the ordinary and unveil hidden narratives has shaped the very essence of the work ETERNALS have created.

Nikki Carmela: A Symphony of Talents
Enter Nikki Carmela, a multifaceted creative force driven by a profound love for storytelling. From the captivating world of musical theater to the intricate artistry of special effects makeup, Nikki's talents know no bounds. Her journey through the realms of directing has granted her a unique perspective that enriches every project she undertakes. Her ability to craft both beautiful and unique imagery is the soul of what ETERNALS have created.

Love and Artistry Intertwined
What began as a professional collaboration quickly blossomed into a deeper connection. The lines between their creative pursuits and personal affections blurred, forming a partnership that's as authentic as it is inspiring. The love they share fuels their creative fire, infusing their work with an intimacy that resonates with audiences.

Eternals: A Vision Realized
From their shared dreams and artistic ambitions, Eternals. The decision to blend their talents, perspectives, and aspirations into a unified creative endeavor became the foundation for an enterprise that would craft unforgettable stories.