Stiiicky: A Fashion Film” unfolds as a testament to the visionary collaboration between Eternals, comprised of Alexander Thomas and Nikki Carmela. Renowned for their mastery of film photography, the duo employs traditional methods, shooting on film to craft captivating still images that encapsulate the essence of Stiiicky’s ethos. Yet, their expertise extends beyond the realm of photography, seamlessly intertwining with the cinematic medium. With a vast arsenal of equipment at their disposal, Eternals expertly capture both the stillness of a moment and the dynamic allure of movement. Their adeptness in developing and scanning film ensures that every frame resonates with a timeless quality, infusing “Stiiicky: A Fashion Film” with an unparalleled depth and richness.

‘Stiiicky: A Fashion Fim’
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“Stiiicky: A Fashion Odyssey” is a fashion film directed by Eternals, capturing the essence of the avant-garde brand, Stiiicky. Shot entirely on the cutting-edge Red Komodo camera with vintage lenses, this cinematic journey immerses viewers in a world where fashion transcends boundaries. With captivating visuals and bold aesthetics, “Stiiicky: A Fashion Odyssey” redefines the art of storytelling, showcasing the brand’s unique vision and pushing the boundaries of creativity.